Who We Are

SAADP is a non-profit organization registered under the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 and focuses on developing actuarial skills. Established in 2003 with financial backing from Sasria SOC Ltd, it aims to address the shortage of Black and Coloured actuarial professionals in South Africa. The headquarters is in Sandton, Johannesburg, with the Students Support Offices (SSOs) at universities where we work.

SAADP plays an advocacy role and is actively involved in the Transformation Committee of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) to tackle demographic imbalance in the actuarial profession in the country.

Since its establishment, SAADP has been focused on changing the Actuarial Science Profession in South Africa, by actively promoting diversity and inclusion, and increasing the representation of Black and Coloured professionals in the field.

Our influence extends to the relatives and communities of our beneficiaries, as well as to South Africa as a whole. Our main focus is on supporting Black and Coloured South African students.

We are leading the way in changing the actuarial profession in South Africa by promoting diversity and inclusivity. Our goal is to establish a supportive atmosphere that not only recognizes but also openly celebrates and accepts diversity.

SAADP is a front-runner in developing a varied and inclusive Actuarial Science field, advancing fair chances for Black and Coloured students while nurturing their potential for greatness nationally.

We accomplish this through:

  1. Supporting Black and Coloured students in realizing their full potential through talent cultivation and educational guidance.
  2. Creating a sustainable actuarial skills development ecosystem that is responsive to the needs of Black and Coloured students.


Our vision is to champion diversity and promote equitable access to the South African Actuarial Profession and build a thriving and future-ready professional community.


Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion drives our culture, growth, and innovation, impacting both the workplace, the actuarial field, and the students we support. These values serve as our guiding principles:



We nurture talent and care about the holistic development of people


Embrace diversity and inclusivity

We value and celebrate different people and perspectives


Courageous advocacy

We stand for what is right, equitable and just



We build strong relationships and collaborate for the greater good of the profession



Continually developing and improving to meet the evolving needs of the profession.

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