Strategic Intent​

To promote a fair, inclusive, and forward-thinking Actuarial Science education environment that removes obstacles which prevent Black and Coloured youth from participating in a successful, future-oriented professional community. We will accomplish this by:

Our actions are defined by our activities

We strive to promote diversity and ensure equitable access and inclusive practices, that acknowledge everyone’s competency. We do this by:


Driving diversity

Increase the number of Black and Coloured students in the pipeline of Actuarial Science studies and the professional space.


Promoting inclusion

Leverage the strengths of all people and promote a shared sense of openness, belonging and acceptance for Black and Coloured individuals and women within the Actuarial Science Profession.


Improving representation

Narrow the representation gap and align the number of Black and Coloured Actuaries and female representation with the demographics of the country.


Creating wider accessibility and attraction:

Raise awareness, improve accessibility, and expand opportunities for Black and Coloured students to enter the Actuarial Science Profession.


Providing comprehensive support network

Provide comprehensive, wrap-around support and enhanced access to a robust integrated network of professional support to young Black and Coloured students on their journey through Actuarial Science education.


Nurturing skills development

Advance Actuarial Science education among Black and Coloured students to produce skilled, confident professionals who can lead with empathy.


Developing a future-ready and relevant profession

Lead and develop a future-ready profession that is aligned with the skills of the future and elevate the relevance, value, and reputation of Actuarial Science profession in the world.

Reasons behind our actions?

As the leader in revolutionizing the actuarial industry, our goal is to:

Our process of driving change?

In our commitment to driving transformation agenda in the actuarial profession, we will:

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