Schools and Learners

Introducing our learner engagement programmes!

Black students are underrepresented in the South African actuarial pipeline. That’s why promoting early awareness is crucial. Despite our efforts since 2003, there’s still a significant lack of awareness in South African schools, especially in township and rural areas.

We believe in engaging not only students but also parents and teachers in these areas. Join us in bridging this gap and empowering future actuaries!


SAADP aims to enhance the pool of Black actuarial talent in South Africa by implementing Pipeline Development Programmes (PDP) to draw in a wider range of professionals to the field. High school learners can participate in the Pipeline Development Programmes that are available. These include:


Career awareness and promotions

Interested learners can attend career information sessions held by SAADP officials who visit schools nationwide to promote Actuarial Science and recruit new students.


Actuarial exposure programme (AEP)

Learners meet actuarial professionals who expose them to the field of Actuarial Science, either in person or through online platforms.



An actuarial professional connects with a learner via phone, WhatsApp, email or in-person for an hour, addressing the learner's inquiries during the interaction.


Actuarial webinar

A team of actuarial experts introduces high school learners to the field of Actuarial Science through online discussions to offer guidance ahead of their university journey.



An actuarial professional guides a learner through a structured program to introduce them to the Actuarial career and help them meet their academic/assignment needs.


Maths and Physical Sciences Intervention Lessons

In partnership with our strategic partners, extra lessons are offered to Grade 11 learners. Join our WhatsApp-based Platform and receive links to weekly Academic Intervention Classes and other updates.


Complete a PDP Application Form and send it to

Apply for SAADP bursary

Black learners who fulfill these general eligibility requirements are invited to submit applications for SAADP assistance.

The requirements

Presently, participating universities are Wits, UCT, and UP.  Students from non-partner universities may also apply, but they must have applied and been accepted to study Actuarial Science at partner universities.

This funding opportunity is only open to students who want to study Actuarial Science or related degrees. Interested learners will need the following:

General application information

SAADP values privacy and recognizes that documentation may include personal information belonging to you or others. By submitting documents to us, you are allowing SAADP to process personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPIA) and/or other relevant data protection laws and regulations.

Maths is key!

Having strong mathematics abilities can lead to a variety of exciting career opportunities. Mathematics is an essential component in most professions, although the specific applications may differ across various job roles. To learn more about where Maths can take you, please read ASSA Career Guidance Booklet.

Application form

Accredited universities

To enrol as an Actuarial Science student in South Africa, you must meet admission criteria for accredited institutions offering Actuarial Science programmes, as outlined by the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA), the governing body for the profession. Currently, there are seven (7) universities accredited by ASSA to offer Actuarial Science programmes in South Africa.

It is important to mention that each institution has different levels of accreditation with ASSA. To become a qualified Actuary, one must pass 15 Professional Board Exams (PBEs). Those who qualify are known as Fellows of ASSA and are permitted to use the designation ‘FASSA’ after their names. Some PBEs can be exempted if taken and passed at university. These are called Exemptions. Institutions have different numbers of accredited Exemptions. Contact an institution you are interested in to learn about their Actuarial Exemptions.

SAADP affiliated universities

Currently, Wits, UP, and UCT are the only participating universities. To be considered for SAADP support programmes, learners may only seek admission at these universities. Nevertheless, all ASSA-accredited universities will soon be part of SAADP.

Applying for admission
at university

Applying to university can be daunting, requiring you to make important decisions about your future career path. Alongside managing multiple deadlines, it’s crucial to explore financial support opportunities. Therefore, proactive planning and early application are key.

Early applications increase your chances of acceptance and securing a spot at a prestigious institution, while also providing priority for choosing residence. Most universities close applications as early as the end of May each year. To maximise your opportunities, start applying now. Click your preferred university logo below to begin.