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Sazezihle Siluma

BSc. Degree, Actuarial Science (year 2), University of the Witwatersrand

Hi everyone below is a short story about who Sazezihle is and his story about why he chose Actuarial Science. I am currently in Second year studying a BSc in Actuarial science at the University of the Witswaterand. I grew up in Mpumalanga, Siyabuswa .I am the oldest and only child of my two lovely Parents, Elizabeth Basetsana and Lunga Michael Siluma who are still well and alive.

I attended Primary and Secondary School at Grace Christian Private School where I attained Position 1 all through High School including end of year Matric. I was Class Rep grade 8 and 9. I first heard about Actuarial Science in Grade 11 from my Cousin. She suggested it because she noticed I had a passion in Mathematics . She also suggested Medicine but we already have a lot of people in that field.

After I had received the acceptance letter from the University of the Witswaterand I was excited and scared at the same time due to all the rumours about how difficult Actuarial Science is and things became worse on my First day when we were given the Lorenz Curve Tutorial which till this day is the hardest Tutorial I have come across .It might seem a bit brutal to give a first timer such a tut but that was a great introduction on what this course entails.

I had managed to get into the course but now the next problem is funding, that’s where SAADP comes along .It wasn’t just funding ,it provided academic support and we received tutoring from the top students in the university ,provided weekly tests to insure we are up to speed on course work. Besides funding and Academic Support, it offered support when times where bad like receiving the first failure of your life. If I had the choice to choose any bursary that Bursary would be SAADP cause its more than just a sponsor.

I plan on becoming a Product Development actuary specialising in pricing assurance packages and by gods grace be the owner of my own insurance company
Besides academics I spend my free time Reading self help books and Manga or I spend time with my friends.

To my current matric learners who want to pursue Actuarial Science ,You are probably Top 3 in your School and based your whole life on academic validation ,trust me Actuarial Science will make you realise that high school was just a small speck of your knowledge. It is a very challenging course but its not impossible. You will come across failure but its how you process the failure that determines what happens next.

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