SAADP launches Actuarial Buddies Campaign (ABC)

The shortage of actuarial professionals is still extremely high in South Africa compared to the demand. The country currently has produced around 1585 qualified fellow actuaries, which is far lower than the ever-growing demand.

The problem of the acute shortage of actuarial skills is not only a South African problem but a global one. The United States Bureau of Labour Statistics recently predicted a 20% growth rate in the employment of actuaries from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average for other occupations. There are far more opportunities than there are candidates. SAADP exists to change this in South Africa, but change is easier said than done.

It is for these reasons that SAADP launches an Actuarial Buddies Campaign, a campaign aimed at attracting and capturing the interest of academically talented learners.

To become an Actuarial Buddy, a learner must:

  • Be a South African in Grade 9, 10 or 11.
  • Be good in Mathematics, English and/or Physical Science (as some universities do not require Physical Science).
  • Enjoy solving difficult problem.
  • Critical thinking should come naturally.
  • Enjoy strategic games, e.g. Chess.
  • Be passionate about a career in Actuarial Science (or want to know more about it).

Actuarial Buddies will among other things:

  • Receive personal invitations to attend annual Actuarial Science Awareness Roadshows.
  • Participate in the job-shadowing opportunities (where it is logistically possible).
  • Be exposed to partner universities’ information including but not limited to how to apply, open days etc.
  • Receive regular updates from SAADP via text messages and/or emails.
  • Receive links to tests and exams techniques.
  • Receive reference to free online study material, and
  • A lot more other relevant information

​Interested learners are invited to register themselves by clicking here.