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Minenhle Gasa

BSc. Degree, Actuarial Science (year 2), University of the Witwatersrand

My name is Minenhle Ndumiso Gasa, I was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg. I am the sole child of my mother and father. I started school in Pietermaritzburg. But, as soon as I reached 2nd grade, I moved to Ladysmith to live with my grandparents and cousins until I finished school. I enjoyed school, especially high school as it taught me a lot about myself and sparked my interest in many academic stuffs. While in high school I got a chance to engage in the Eskom science expo and some other science-related programs. Performed well throughout and got many accolades.

I was always fascinated by math and learning about finances during my high school years and wanted to pursue a career that can integrate the two, and that was when I heard about Actuarial Science when I was researching careers, and I never changed my mind since then. Fast forward a year later I’m enrolled as an Actuarial Science student in one of the best institutions in the world called the University of the Witwatersrand. It’s been a tough but manageable period.

Due to its complex integration of mathematical modeling and real-world decision-making, actuarial science—often referred to as the study of uncertainty and risk—inspires my interest. My interest in this topic was not merely a matter of chance; rather, it is the result of a long-standing obsession in comprehending and forecasting the ambiguous factors that affect our environment.

Since my earliest scholastic years, I have always sought comfort in the difficulties presented by difficult mathematical puzzles. Actuarial science is appealing because it can use these mathematical ideas in contexts like insurance, finance, and pension systems. It was an obvious decision for me as I dug deeper into this topic and saw how profoundly it affected both industry and civilizations. Making it a natural choice for my academic journey

SAADP has helped tremendously in pursuing my interest. Provides financial, academic, and psychological support which is essential when you’re always dealing with numbers. I would recommend SAADP to anyone who wants a proper support structure while pursuing a degree in Actuarial Studies.

As I continue my journey in Actuarial Science, I want to make an impact on the financial sector of our country as we have many economic problems and these in turn affect our youth and lead to many social ills we see around. And I would also recommend Actuarial Science to any student who likes working hard and especially with mathematics, and its extremely challenges you to learn and grow more. Besides academics, I usually spend my time watching anime and football. These help me clear my mind and just learn about society. I also enjoy learning about philosophy and its impact on modern society.

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