Learners’ Engagement Programmes

It has been observed that Black and Coloured learners are underrepresented in the South African actuarial field due to lack of attention given to them. Stressing the significance of promoting early awareness, especially in rural and township schools, is crucial. Equally important is the involvement of students, parents, and teachers in these areas.

There is a lack of adequate awareness of Actuarial Science in South African schools, despite efforts by SAADP since 2003 to educate students about the profession. Many schools and individuals remain uninformed about Actuarial Science.

SAADP aims to enhance the pool of Black and Coloured actuarial talent in South Africa by implementing Pipeline Development Programmes (PDP) to draw in a wider range of professionals to the field. High school learners can participate in the Pipeline Development Programmes that are available. These include:


Career Awareness and Promotions

Interested learners can attend career information sessions held by SAADP officials who visit schools nationwide to promote Actuarial Science and recruit new students


Actuarial Exposure Programme (AEP

Students meet actuarial professionals who familiarize them with the virtual realm of Actuarial Science, either in person or through online platforms if face-to-face interaction is not feasible.



An actuarial professional communicates with a student via phone, WhatsApp, or email for close to an hour, addressing the learner's inquiries during the interaction.


Actuarial Webinar

A team of actuarial experts introduces high school students to Actuarial Science through online discussions to offer guidance ahead of their university journey.


Structured Job-Shadowing

An actuarial professional guides a learner through a structured program to introduce them to the actuarial career and help them meet their academic/assignment needs.

In order to join these programmes, learners must meet the standard eligibility criteria and specific requirements:

How to participate?

Go to to obtain a PDP Application Form. Ensure you read and adhere to all guidelines. Fill out the form completely and send it to

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