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Edith Kgagodi

BSc. Degree, Actuarial Science (year 2), University of the Witwatersrand

I am Edith Kgagodi, I am the youngest among two siblings. I was born in a small village of Thoto in Limpopo. Growing up surrounded by the wonders of nature, I discovered love for singing, art and simple joy that life offers. I am a meat lower- salads? Not really a fan. I started my educational journey at Thoto primary, where I laid my initial building block of knowledge. As I progressed, I entered Seopo High school where I completed my grade 8 studies. However, driven by my passion for science and commerce, I embarked on a new chapter by transferring to Matshumane Secondary School.

In high school, I stood out as a vibrant leader and excelled academically, consistently ranking among the top three students. I served as class representative from grade 9 to 11, fostering unity and communication among peers. In grade 10 I was then selected to be part of the Kutlwanong Maths and Science Centre. The center taught me how to handle pressure, collaborate effectively and value diverse ideas. The experience boosted my horizons and provided a sense of belonging, shaping my current self.


My journey towards pursuing an actuarial science degree was a path of discovery and inspiration. I have always seen myself as boss lady and working behind the table. Initially, my inspiration aimed high- I envisioned myself as the CEO of a major company. Gradually, my focus shifted towards becoming a chartered accountant, a career path that held strong appeal.  However, the turning point came during a career expo at Kutlwanong Centre. It was during that event that I was introduced to the concept of actuary. The presenter painted a vivid picture of the statistics in our country, emphasizing that this career was particularly rare among women, and especially black individuals. This intrigued me deeply. As he spoke about the challenges and potential of this field, I felt a fire ignite within me. He highlighted the difficulty but emphasized that it was far from impossible. This statement resonated deeply, becoming the catalyst for my decision. From that very moment, I knew that becoming an actuary was the path I was meant to pursue, driven by the motivation to break barriers and prove that challenges could be overcome.

Driven by my love for actuarial science I encountered numerous challenges including a major setback when I fell ill in grade 12. Despite feeling that my dream was slipping away I managed to overcome my illness and gained acceptance to Witwatersand university. The initial year at Wits was a struggle due to the pandemic, sense of not fitting in and difficulties in adjusting. However, in my second year the SAADP reminded me of my potential and provided valuable support. My journey highlights the importance of resilience and the positive impact of the supportive community during difficult times.

To all the aspiring young minds, remember that achieving what may seem impossible is entirely possible. Your dreams are within reach with determination and hard work.

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