Matric Applications

To apply for SAADP support, learners must note the following: 

  • The award of bursaries is highly dependent on the availability of funds.
  • Learners must be South Africans, non-South Africans are unfortunately ineligible for SAADP support.
  • They must be doing well in Mathematics, English and Physical Science, achieving at least 80% in these subjects.
  • Learners from the Commercial stream are legible to apply, however, they must apply to study Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Town. Presently, UCT considers learners without Physical Science.
  • All applications will be subjected to a stringent selection process.
  • Applying to university before the closing date is the learners’ responsibility.
  • For the bursary applications to be considered, learners must indicate interest to study at one of SAADP partner universities (Wits, UCT or UP).
  • To increase chances of acceptance at university, learners are advised to apply to all three partner universities. Indicate on your bursary application form that you have or are intending to apply to all three partner universities. 
  • Learners that apply to non-partner universities other than Wits, UCT and/or UP will be automatically rejected.
  • Complete your application in full. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected. 
  • Learners may apply in two ways:
  • Manually or handwritten applications (meant for those with limited or no access to the internet)
  • Emailed or typed applications
  • The SAADP bursary is renewable each year pending good academic performance.

What will happen after submitting an application?

  • SAADP will send an email acknowledging receipt of an application and all applications will go through the following stages:  

Stage 1: 

  • Your application will be screened to check if all the following basic requirements have been met:
  • Whether the application was submitted before or on the closing date (31 August).
  • Whether the application has been completed in full.
  • Whether you have attached a Grade 11 final report and Grade 12 June report,
  • Whether you have attached a certified ID copy or Birth Certificate etc.
  • Whether your application meets the academic requirements for the university you intend attending.

Stage 2:

  • Applications that meet basic requirements will be forwarded to the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee will screen applications further (NB: SAADP is not part of this process).
  • Approved applications will be shortlisted and the shortlist will be sent to SAADP for processing.
  • Declined applicants will receive communication (SMS and/or email) that their applications have been unsuccessful. 

Stage 3:

  • SAADP will wait for the final matric results. It is your responsibility to send your final Statement of Results to SAADP as soon as possible.
  • Applicants that get to stage 3 will not receive any communication from SAADP until their final matric results are received by SAADP.
  • The final screening will be performed to determine if the final matric results are in line with the university requirements.
  • Declined applicants will be notified of the outcome. 

Stage 4:

  • Approved applicants will be invited to attend a selection interview.
  • Interviews take place at Wits every year.
  • Approved applicants will be interviewed by the Selection Committee (SAADP is not part of this interview process).
  • Successful applicants will be notified of the outcome.
  • The decision by the Selection Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

National Benchmark Test

SAADP encourages all matriculants to register for and write NBT as one of the recommendations by most universities. Click on the NBT logo to learn more.