Alumnus of the Season

Alumnus of the Season

The programme is designed to inculcate the spirit of giving back to SAADP in one way or another among those that have been part of SAADP and departed in years gone by. Whether an alumnus is a recent SAADP graduate or a long-time alumnus, they should know that they can still play a significant role in SAADP.

An alumnus that gives back financially or otherwise helps bright and academically talented learners from underprivileged backgrounds access university education and SAADP support they so desperately need to succeed. SAADP recognises such an alumnus as an ‘Alumnus of the Season.’

Giving back options

While SAADP welcomes monetary donations, there are certainly other several ways for SAADP Alumni to give back. Where they are unable to donate money regularly, SAADP has developed programmes through which the Alumni can give back with their time rather than their wallet. These include the following Schools’ Activation Programmes: 

  1. Actuarial Exposure Programme
  2. An-Hour-with-an-Actuary
  3. Actuarial Webinar
  4. Actuarial Science Awareness Roadshows

To make a financial donation, an alumnus may send an email to

To find out how to participate in the Schools’ Activation Programmes, an alumnus may send an email to quoting the name of the programme in the subject.

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