Amogelang Kgaladi – The Insurance Apprentice and a SAADP Alumnus of the Season 2, 2020

SAADP was excited to learn that one of its Alumni won The Insurance Apprentice (TIA) 2020 competition. Amogelang Kgaladi, an Actuarial Science Graduate and a qualified SAADP Alumni from the University of Pretoria was announced during a live online finale on the 03rd of June 2020.

What is The Insurance Apprentice?

The Insurance Apprentice is a reality show for young insurance professionals (under-35). This show spearheaded by FAnews – an insurance publication co-owned by Rianet Whitehead – seeks to showcase the workings of the industry, change perceptions around the industry, create a platform for the future leaders of tomorrow and allow these leaders to apply their skills in a variety of tasks. The show airs on the Insurance Apprentice YouTube and Facebook pages with the winner of the show obtaining various prizes including R75k bursary and a trip to Lloyd’s of London.

Who is Amogelang Kgaladi?

Amogelang Kgaladi is a product of the South African Actuaries Development Programme and a qualified actuary. He currently heads up the Corporate Actuarial Function for FNB short-term. Kgaladi graduated at the University of Pretoria in 2014 and 2015 with a BSc Actuarial Science (Cum Laude) and BSc Hons Actuarial Science respectively. He is currently completing a Masters in Business Administration at Wits Business School and has a passion for people development, education, and poverty eradication.

Why did he enter the competition?

Amogelang says he decided to enter The Insurance Apprentice competition for a plethora of reasons. Chief among many being that he had recently started his MBA studies and with a keen interest to test and apply the learnings to date, he felt that the show would provide the ideal platform to do so in an industry he is familiar with.

“Being an actuary that has worked in the short-term industry for nearly 5-years, I felt that it was appropriate to apply the technical capabilities and the newly found strategic elements in the competition,” he says. He says he felt that the platform would provide him with an opportunity to stretch and grow himself.

“I think the platform presented an opportunity for me to stretch myself and show the people with whom I share similar backgrounds that they too can achieve,” he comments. Kgaladi says; by entering the competition, he wanted to be an ambassador for the South African Actuaries Development Programme and an Actuarial Science profession in general.

What was the process to enter TIA?

“The process to enter involved initial application which can be found on the Insurance Apprentice website. After an initial screening process, the Insurance Apprentice team then shortlisted a cohort of over 100 candidates who came for the first round in the regional elimination rounds in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. After this, a group of 20 was selected to create initial introductory videos with supporters having to vote for their best contestant. A final selection of 9 contestants was then undertaken who then formed part of the filming. The episodes were then filmed with elimination rounds taking place after tasks in certain weeks until the final two was then left of which I, fortunately, formed a part of together with Memory Zimba a fellow friend and Actuary as well,” says Kgaladi.

Any parting words?

“Any young insurance professional who seeks to stretch and challenge themselves should definitely look to apply for entry. The platform allows one to engage with professionals from various backgrounds and hence removes the one-dimensionality that we can sometimes have given our fixation to our line of work. The show also provides an opportunity to learn about various other elements of the industry and assists with the development of skills such as emotional intelligence, creative thinking, problem-solving and working under pressure,” he says.

Amogelang advises anyone who wants to enter the competition to:

  • be the best at what he or she does and remain original.
  • be able to distil large amounts of information in a short space of time while delivering the outputs in a concise and impactful manner.
  • have fun as this may be the one and only chance of being in a reality show.

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