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Our mission is to enhance SAADP’s reputation as a leader in advancing transformation in Actuarial Science education. We achieve this by hosting Alumni events that facilitate network-building among alumni and other stakeholders who share our goal of promoting SAADP as a key player in driving the transformation goals of the profession.

Join our expanding national alumni network at any time. Membership is free, but we encourage our former students to support our ongoing efforts. Your contribution helps us continue our mission of enabling diversity and excellence in the actuarial profession.


SAADP has reached a milestone of over 100 South African qualified Actuarial professionals – Fellows, giving us cause for celebration. We applaud all our qualifiers for achieving the most deserving outcome for their dedication and effort.

The Fellows-100 aims to celebrate success, showcase post-graduation achievements, and exemplify the quality and extent of our alumni network across the country.

Agents of change

Encounter our esteemed Alumni, pioneers in their own areas of specialisation, whose incredible paths from our Programme to the heights of career achievement symbolize the values of creativity, perseverance, and quality.

Writing the future

As a SAADP Alum, you surely have greatly shaped business and society around us during the past 20 years. We would like to hear your story, told your way, as we look to make another positive impact on the next 20 years of business.

Submit your story to us

Tell us about your favourite memory from SAADP, how SAADP supported you on your journey, and your career achievements post-graduation. Whether you’ve authored a book, launched a business, or created a product, share, and let your story inspire others!

Send your 200 – 250-word story and a high-resolution JPEG photo of yourself. When submitting your story, please include:

Our Alumni Network

Our network of alumni is a diverse and influential community that demonstrates the impactful power of education as they have successful careers nationwide. It consists of more than 590 diverse, ethical, and accountable leaders from various actuarial specialization areas, making a difference on a national business scale.

They are ground-breakers who continue to transform the Actuarial profession. They are visionary leaders shaping the future of the Republic of South Africa, always stand out as symbols of success.

Alumni events

Stay engaged and empowered through our vibrant alumni networking events, stay connected with former classmates and meet SAADP’s current students.


November 2024

Alumni and Year-End Function

Venue to be confirmed.


Get involved

Alumni engagement is a valuable part of our work. Be part of our student developmental programmes.

Mentor a student

The SAADP Alumni Mentoring Programme plays a crucial role in supporting students and can lead to the Award for Effective and Responsible Leadership, showcasing the coaching culture in actuarial development.  SAADP creates and enabling environment for students to take ownership of their growth to achieve their desired personal development.

Sign up to join our Alumni Mentoring Programme and help guide one or more of our undergraduate students and/or honours students.

Alumni speaker opportunity

To participate in the Alumni Speaker Opportunity, send an email to

Donor referral heads-up

Above all, we hope that you can guide us in the right direction within your organization so that we can discuss fundraising. If you can, please direct us to the appropriate individual to speak with. Send an email to

Fund a student

Assist us in supporting our students to overcome obstacles and shape the future by contributing to the SAADP. Our beneficiaries have been writing the future since 2003.

  • We take pride in the accomplishments of our former students and are committed to ensuring ongoing support for our upcoming Actuaries.
  • We aim to further increase access to Actuarial Science for everyone who meets the admission criteria.
  • We aim to offer exceptional personal and professional growth and wellness assistance to our students during their academic journey.

We invite you to assist us in empowering our students to surpass limits and shape their future.

There are several ways to fund a student. You may choose to fund a specific aspect of student costs which may be:

If you would like to fund a student today, send an email to

Calling On All SAADP Alumni to Update Contact Details

Up to date Alumni profiles also allow us to comprehensively and accurately grasp the alumni network.  This enables us to offer impactful support and engagement opportunities, as well as facilitating meaningful opportunities to get involved in our projects.

Keeping your profile up to date with the Alumni Relations Desk allows you to access information on important news, updates, and upcoming events organised by SAADP.

All personal information is held securely by SAADP and in accordance with Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013. The data we hold will be used by the SAADP, or other parties acting under the instructions of SAADP, for a range of activities. These include sending publications and information, offering benefits and services, organising events, membership administration and in our fundraising and volunteering programmes. We do not and will not sell any of your personal information to third parties. If you wish to update your details or how we contact you, or to opt out of our communications, please email or call us on +27 (0) 11 642 2202.

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