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Ricardo Smith

Becoming a part of SAADP was a pivotal moment in my journey towards becoming an actuary

Becoming part of the South African Actuarial Development Program (SAADP) was a pivotal moment in my journey towards becoming an actuary. The financial support provided me with the means to pursue my education and training in actuarial science without the burden of significant student debt. This allowed me to focus wholeheartedly on my studies, extracurricular activities, and professional development. With the weight of financial worries lifted, I could fully immerse myself in the challenging coursework, enhancing my understanding of complex mathematical and statistical concepts crucial to the actuarial field.

Moreover, SAADP went beyond just monetary assistance; it also provided me with a network of mentors and industry professionals. Through various networking events and workshops facilitated by SAADP, I had the opportunity to interact with seasoned actuaries and gain valuable insights into the profession. The connections I made played a pivotal role in securing internships and later, full-time positions in reputable actuarial companies. Additionally, SAADP offered guidance in preparing for actuarial exams, which were instrumental in advancing my career.

SAADP not only eased my financial burden but also opened doors to a bright future as an actuary, paving the way for success and fulfilment in this dynamic and rewarding profession. However, the most important thing that the SAADP team provided was a strong support system that made you believe in yourself in the lowest moments of this journey and made SAADP feel like a family away from home.

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