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Odwa Madolo

Odwa Madolo

SAADP provided me with a massive opportunity as it afforded me with a full scholarship

At University:
• Journey at SAADP started in 2004 the second year of the programme, and my second year of my business science degree at UCT.
• SAADP continued to sponsor me through to my honours year in 2006.
• I became actively involved in SAADP while at UCT as a tutor and a mentor to younger scholars.
• SAADP provided me with a massive opportunity as it afforded me with a full scholarship (tuition, residence, meals and pocket money) plus the ability to earn extra money by tutoring. Coming from a lower middle income class family in the EC, being the 3rd or six, the SAADP Reduced the financial burden on my parents immensely.

Working career:
• I continue to be involved in SAADP as a mentor after university.
• I was then elected to the SAADP Alumni inaugural Executive Committee as the Vice President.
• Together with the Executive Committee members, we drafted the constitution of the SAADP Alumni: how we came about, the membership, our vision, purpose etc.
• I continued to represent SAADP at conferences, school and university outreach events.
• My actuarial qualification has taken me to all corners of the world for work (SA, UK and Hong Kong) and travel. That is testament to the support I received from the SAADP community at university and during my working career.

What I learnt:
• I loved (and still do) being part of a community of people of Color who shared the same experiences as myself. It made the university and working experience much more relatable, and I was able to put things in context, as the profession was not as diverse as it is today.
• The support and mentorship from Billy Enderstien (UCT coordinator) was very important and helpful through my progression in the profession.
• I am still in contact with most of my SAADP peers and seeks them out wherever they are in the world.
• I truly believe I would not be where I am as an actuary without my SAADP network.
• I thank the board of SAADP, our original sponsor SaSRiA and of course our current President for their vision and tenacity to create such a unique and comprehensive programme.
• To 20 more years of the SAADP.

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