Actuarial Science Awareness Roadshows

The Actuarial Science Awareness Roadshows are our traditional approach to raising awareness about the Actuarial Science career in schools by visiting the schools physically.  For the schools to be visited, the following requirements must be met: 

  • Schools must have identified academically talented learners in any or all the Grades (8 to 12),
  • Identified learners must show potential to become high achievers in Mathematics, English, and Physical Sciences,
  • Learners must show interest and passion for Actuarial Science.
  • Learners must be willing to study Actuarial Science at Wits, UCT, or UP.

How do schools register?To participate in the Awareness Roadshows, schools may send an email to Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 regulations, the Awareness Roadshows have been suspended until further notice.