Actuarial Exposure Programme (AEP)

The Actuarial Exposure Programme aims to connect learners with the the SAADP Alumni. It is a form of Job Shadowing platform which creates an opportunity for aspiring learners to learn more about Actuarial Science. 

Benefits to participants

  •  Participants are linked up with qualified Actuaries or Actuarial Science graduates, 
  • Qualified Actuaries or Actuarial Science graduates interact with the participants exposing them to what they do in their area of work. 
  • Participants get an opportunity to feel the actuarial environment and ask get instant answers to the questions they may have about the career. 

Who can participate?

Grade 12 learners who: 

  • Show interest and passion for Actuarial Science,
  • Are good at Mathematics, English, and Physical Sciences, (however, some universities may not require Physical Sciences),
  • Are passionate about problem solving,
  • Are natural critical thinkers,
  • Enjoy strategic games, e.g. chess,
  • Be willing to pursue a career in the world of Business and Finance. 

How to register for AEP?

Interested Grade 12 learners may send an email to 

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 regulations which discourage direct interaction, the AEP is run virtually.  

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