Accredited Universities

In order to enrol as an Actuarial Science student in South Africa, one must meet admission criteria for accredited institutions offering Actuarial Science programs, as outlined by the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA), the governing body for the profession. Currently, there are seven (7) universities that are accredited by ASSA to offer Actuarial Science in South Africa. Those are:

It is important to mention that each institution has different levels of accreditation with ASSA. To become a qualified Actuary, one must pass 15 Professional Board Exams (PBEs). Those who qualify are known as Fellows of ASSA and are permitted to use the designation ‘FASSA’ after their names. Some PBEs can be exempted if taken and passed at university. These are called Exemptions. Institutions have different numbers of accredited Exemptions. Contact an institution you are interested in to learn about their Actuarial Exemptions.

SAADP Affiliated Universities

Currently, Wits, UP, and UCT are the only participating universities. To be considered for SAADP support programmes, learners may only seek admission at these universities. Nevertheless, all ASSA-accredited universities will soon be part of SAADP.

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