A call for South African females to join the actuarial profession

Over the past 16 years of SAADP existence, male students in the programme have always outnumbered female students. When the SAADP was established, one of its objectives was to improve the demographics of the actuarial profession in South Africa.

The actuarial profession has been and still is a small profession even after so much has been done in attracting more learners into the profession. SAADP has always encouraged students, especially female students to persevere as they have more prospects for growth in the profession.

Between 2014 and 2018, female graduates produced by SAADP have been outnumbered by their male counterparts by an average of 46%, placing males and females at an average of 73% and 27% respectively.

“For SAADP to achieve its objective of a demographically balanced profession, it is crucial to attract and retain more women,” explains Nokwanda Mkhize, Executive Director of SAADP. “Strategic and innovative interventions are therefore necessary to attract female students from high school level and retain those that are already in the SAADP system. This is especially crucial as female actuaries are sought after not only locally but in the rest of the world,” she continues.

SAADP calls on all high schools to partner with it in identifying academically talented girls (and boys). Learners that show particular passion and keen interest in Mathematics, English and Physical Sciences are encouraged to consider Actuarial Science as their career of choice.