Founded in 2003, the South African Actuaries Development Programme is an authentically South African independent Non-Profit Organisation, which seeks to actively address the problem of the acute shortage of black actuarial professionals, collaborate with entities that enable actuarial student development, and seize actuarial graduate development opportunities. Our impact goes beyond our alumni into their families, the communities they come from, and ultimately our beloved South Africa. We provide well thought-out, student-based, and robust support to intricate academic and personal challenges that students face. We are experts in actuarial student pipeline development from high school level to university and beyond, until they qualify as Fellows of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. 

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We provide impactful, student-based support through these programmes:


Vigorous awareness creation campaigns in rural and township schools to build a strong student pipeline and produce the next Actuary.


Provision of holistic support to black students from rural and township backgrounds to help them ace the course with minimal difficulty.

We have done more, we WILL do more.

We have been around since February 2003 and have achieved big and small milestones. All our achievements were made possible through the generous donations from our donor partners. Each donation received is celebrated as it gets us closer to realising our goal – producing qualified black actuarial professionals. This is what we do best and are proud to have delivered the outstanding results on. Our experience in Actuarial Students Development enables us to produce results.

Our clean audit record maintained since our inception is the epitome of our efficiency in financial management.

As the demand for Actuaries continues to grow, we realize that there is still more to do.
Our core business is in Actuarial Science education development for South African black students with special focus on black females and coloureds. We have positively impacted hundreds of lives over the past two decades and will continue to impact more lives and communities as we begin a new decade.


Strategic intent review

To contribute to the transformation of the profession by investing in Actuarial Science Education Development.

Strategy and alignment

The Actuarial Science Education Development has evolved. SAADP has had to review its strategy to align with the current landscape.


Unparalelled Students' Services

We roll-out a symmetrical flow of pipeline development services from Schools Outreach Programme, Student Management and Monitoring, Graduate Development and Monitoring, and Fellowship Mentorship Services. 

Registered NPO

We are established in terms of the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 and may issue Section 18A Tax Receipts. All donors are eligible for a tax deduction under section 18A of the Income Tax Act, 1962.

On-campus presence

Our team of full-time Programme Coordinators manage and monitor students’ progress in every institution where we operate. 


First 100 days in office for SAADP’s new Executive Director, Nthato Selebi

First 100 days in office for SAADP’s new Executive Director, Nthato Selebi

Our continuing engagements with the current partner universities and the future partner universities reveal that our work enjoys great support and must be replicated.

The Long-serving SAADP Executive Director, Nokwanda Mkhize retires

The Long-serving SAADP Executive Director, Nokwanda Mkhize retires

After successful registration of SAADP as a Non-Profit Organization, Nokwanda was appointed as the Executive Director, a position which she held for two decades.

Cracking the Code: The Formula Behind Our High Pass Rate Revealed!

Cracking the Code: The Formula Behind Our High Pass Rate Revealed!

We recognize that navigating the world of actuarial science can be challenging, especially for students from the previously marginalised backgrounds.