The programme is designed in such a way that it provides potential actuaries with financial, academic and social support through life skills programmes, workshops and training. The full time Programme Coordinators based at each partner university ensure that our students are taken good care of. They offer and arrange Academic and Social Support.

This is managed by the programme co-ordinators in conjunction with lecturers, tutors and student mentors. It comprises the following:

1. Student mentorship programme
2. Vacation work
3. Extension Tutorials

Student Mentorship Programme

Senior students act as mentors and provide academic and social support to junior students. The student mentorship programme seeks to establish a cohesive SAADP student group which encourages members to be mutually supportive of each other.

Vacation work

Vacation work is arranged for more senior students to facilitate the process of learning through exposure to the more practical side of actuarial science in the world of work. Students are required to avail themselves for vac work in their third and /or fourth year of study.

Extension tutorials

Extension tutorials supplement the mainstream curricula. These tutorials are conducted by carefully selected tutors and will generally be provided for in the professional courses (exemption subjects).